A 30th Birthday Party at Cutlery Works

Live music for 30th birthday party

It’s been a very long time since we played in front of an audience.

Nelly at Cutlery Works

Nelly at Cutlery Works

Back in February 2020 we had a full diary and a good thing going on… then everything got cancelled. In many ways we were lucky, aside from not being able to play and we all had flexible jobs like regular shnooks. The pandemic did not affected any of us too badly.

So exactly 18 months after our last gig we find ourselves being the last minute replacement for Nelly’s band who were unable to play her 30th Birthday party. Getting musicians lined up for a last minute gig in August has certainly been made easier by the fact none of them can easily leave the country.

Nelly wanted to get up and play a few numbers with us. A new experience for us but she was clearly an accomplished guitarist and the crowd loved it.

Nelly played Song 2, She’s Electric and Seven Nation Army with us to round off the first set.

The second set started Take Me Out and the dance floor was soon full. Nelly joined us on stage for Sit Down to round off set two.


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