Halifax Hall, Sheffield 10th of June

We were invited to play for the Friends of Westbourne School at the rather lovely Halifax Hall Hotel. It was absolutely chucking it down when we arrived to set up and the hotel manger kindly gave us some towels so we could dry ourselves and the gear off.

We set up in the bijoux library at Halifax Hall. After a bit of creative cable slinging to get the extension lead running along the top of the book shelf and a quick sound check we were good to go.

Our official start time was 9.00 but they’d only just started the main course so we watched the footy in the bar. We finally played our first note at about 10:15 and with two 45 minutes sets to squeeze in before the curfew at midnight we started rattling through our set list.

We learnt a few lessons, namely that Radiohead’s Just clears all the ladies off the dance floor, as does The Strokes’ Reptillia, maybe we’ll save those for public gigs. Thankfully the Arctic Monkey’s version of the Girls Aloud hit Love Machine gets everyone back on the dance floor and we followed this with Get Lucky, Shut Up and Dance and wrapped up proceedings with Chelsea Dagger.

They were screaming “ONE MORE SONG!” but it was twenty past twelve and we had to call it a night. Great fun, great audience, hope to do it again next year.


About the author: Mark

Mark is an acoustic guitarist, but we didn't need one of those so we gave him a bass. Happily it would seem that he has some transferable skills and he's taken to it like a duck to playing bass.

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