Farm Fest VIII at Lawns Farm

Farm Fest is a live music festival at Lawns Farm near Wickersly, on the outskirts of Rotherham. It was not an event we’d heard of before but we were delighted to get asked to play in the 5pm to 7:30pm slot. The event takes place in a large field where we found a stage, a bar and plenty of food stands. For the kids there was a large soft play area, a bouncy castle and axe throwing.

Getting the sound to project from the stage and carry across a field is no mean feat. Farm Fest had hired a professional sound team to hook the stage up to the PA and they were very efficient and helpful. The stage was flanked by large piles of speaks with more speaker on poles dotted around the field. It was great to have that job taken care of so that we new we could be heard and hear ourselves. This left us free to focus on delivering the performance.

We managed to get parked near the stage and found our green room stocked with plenty of refreshments. We’d not played an open air festival like this before and having a decent stretch of field between the stage and our audience made it a little hard to engage them. Fortunately we’d brought some friends and family with us who tasked themselves with the job of dancing around enthusiastically. Nothing gets people dancing like other people dancing and half an hour in we had a good number of people jumping around.

Ben’s wireless setup for his guitar came in useful as he was able to run off into the crowd and bring the performance to them. On a couple of occasion he had to sprint back to the stage to avoid missing his vocal cue. As dusk arrived and the booze started to loosen up the audience the dancing at the front of the stage intensified. An hour and a half flew by and we were just starting to think we’d need to throw a couple more songs in when a sound guy came up to say, “make this your last one”.

We rounded off the set with Seven Nation Army which always takes the roof off and today was no exception… except there was no roof.

We had a great time performing to an enthusiastic audience of around 2000 people. A massive thank you to Katy and the Farm Fest team for having us, we hope to see you next year.