A Wedding at Sherwood Glade

Katheryn and Paul booked us for their wedding at Sherwood Glade in large part because we played at Emma’s wedding (Katheryn’s sister) back in 2017. You can read about that and see how poorly we’ve aged here.

We are now considered the “family band”.

Sherwood Glade is a lovely wedding venue nestled in woodland just outside Nottingham. We arrived to find the wedding guests celebrating the end of the rain, which had been pretty constant for most of the day. Although the sun had been out for about an hour the ground leading up to the stage was somewhat boggy. For this reason we couldn’t get our cars close to the stage and had to use a cart to drag the PA and amps up a grassy slope.

Unfortunately during this transportation phase my bass amp rolled off the back of the trolley and landed upside-down in the mud. Not a great start.

We got the PA installed and put some music on to warm up the party. I tested my amp and found that it had started marking a nasty buzzing sound. I would later discover that the fall had crushed the smoothing capacitors into the circuit board. I decided to DI straight into the mixing desk for the first set and use the PA subs. The show could go on.

We opened with “The Man Who Can’t be Moved” by The Script, which was a Kathryn and Paul’s first dance request. Then came the first set leading with “Teenage Dirtbag”,  “She’s Electric” and “Alright”. Katheryn had requested The Wannadies “You and Me Song” for the father of the bride dance. This song has a nice blend of gentle strumming and exuberant elements and went down rather well.

Father of the bride dance

Father of the bride dance

We took a 40 minute break before taking to the stage for the second set. A strategic thump offered a temporary fix to my amp and it stopped buzzing. We opened with “Song 2” followed by “Holiday”, with the intention of warming the crowd up with some punky numbers in preparation for what was to come. Katheryn and Paul’s second song request was “Question” by System of a Down. If you don’t know this song it is worth a listen. I would say it is on the heavier, screamier side of what we would usually play.

From a technical stand point this song was a pig to learn. I had to tune my bass to C G C F, there are sections of “shred”, the time signature jumps in and out of 5/8 and 9/16. It then switches to 4/4 for a section before diving back into 5/8. It’s a good job the lads were up for a challenge. It took lots of homework and three rehearsal sessions to get it right.

It was all worth the effort as this song was clearly a favourite among many of the guests and our rendition of it was met with much enthusiasm. The rest of the set went without a hitch and we rounded things off with “Don’t Look Back in Anger”.

We received lots of compliments from the guests regarding our delivery of “Question”. Coming from System fans, this was high praise indeed.