Katie O’Brien’s Sheffield

We found ourselves back at Katie O’Brien’s in Sheffield in March for another 90 minutes of 90s and 00s guitar hits. The “green room” is becoming more habitable. The tool boxes and plasterboard have gone and there are some lights, which is nice.

We’d hoped to chuck in a few new tunes to the set for this gig but unfortunately illness meant our lead guitarist couldn’t make the rehearsal. Better to be too ill for rehearsal than too ill for the gig I say. It’s tempting to just lob a new one into the set without a rehearsal, just to keep things spicy, but we thought better of it this time. We did include Muse’s version of “Can’t Take My Eyes off You” which went down a storm.

There was a real energy about this gig. The crowd were up for it and the lads were all on form. We all came off stage buzzing. We’re back at Katie O’Brien’s Sheffield on the 18th May and I intend to get that banner hanging correctly next time.

If you can’t wait that long for another slice of TOAST we’re playing GAS bar in Chesterfield on the 26th of April. Don’t wait for a bluer sky or a better hour.