GAS Bar & Bites

This is our first gig in Chesterfield since TOAST popped back in 2015. We made our first foray into the world of the trio with this gig too and it seemed to go down rather well.

Obviously and change in line up creates the potential for snags and snafus but our trepidation meant we had thrown some time, effort and money at our rehearsal space and Ben had put in lots of work to fill out the space that Adam would normally inhabit. A set list heavily laden with material from famous trios like Green Day, The Stereophonics, Muse and Supergrass helped out quite considerably.

A surprise hit from the night was Somebody Told Me from the Killers which is a song we’ve been meaning to do as a quartet for sometime. Our version is a little more punk but it works.

Here’s a bit of Facebook footage from the gig:

We’re back in Chesterfield on the 6th of July 2024 at the Hasland Club. It would be lovely to see you. You could sing Valerie with us if you like. Don’t wait for a bluer sky or a better hour.