A 50th Birthday Party

This was our first 50th birthday party booked in August. I arrived early at  the Sitwell Arms in Renishaw and was directed to the upstairs function room by their helpful staff. I discovered an open fire escape at the back of the room which allowed me to more easily unload our gear. Even with this short cut, the heat made this a tiring job.

The rest of the band turned up around 7pm and I went and sat on a bench in the grounds for a bit. We had James on drums again for this one as Andy was indisposed.

First note was 8:30 and the audience were a little shy. We could see them singing along but those brave enough to venture onto the dance floor were in short supply. After the break I asked a friendly member of the audience to use my phone to take a few photos. The results are below.

The crowd were a little more lubricated by the time the started the second set at 10pm and the dance floor quickly filled up. We were all done by 11pm.

This will go down as the hottest gig we have every played.