A Glastonbury Garden Party

I have fond (if hazy) memories of Glastonbury ’93 and ’94 and was delighted to receive a booking for a Glastonbury themed garden party back in March.

More often than not we’re looked after by our clients. There is usually the offer of some food and a beer or two for which we’re always grateful. A pint does help to lubricate creative mechanisms and elevates the whole experience from job to party. We knew we were going to be looked after when Chris, our client, messaged to say they had a barrel of Fuggle Bunny on but did we have any specific requests with regards to beer. Very thoughtful.

The band decided for this occasion to abandoned our traditional “dark shirt / dark jeans” uniform in favour of something a little more ostentatious. Seeing as this was a tribute to the mother of all summer festivals it felt appropriate to ditch the drab threads and replace them with some flamboyant summer garb. Sadly my wardrobe does not contain much in the way of extravagant apparel. My attempt to meet the brief left me looking like I’d hastily burgled Oxfam on my way to a Miami Vice convention.

Despite having done the 14 mile Round Sheffield Run with a hangover that morning, my phenomenally fit friend Helen agreed to be our official photographer for this event. I picked her up on my way to the gig and we arrived at the venue a little before 5. The house had a large gravel drive and a stage area made of MDF sheets. A gazebo had also been provided and was welcome cover from the intermittent showers that plagued us during set up. It wasn’t long before we were offered a beer by our hosts and the sun came out.

A few persistent showers meant we had to cover the PA speakers with shopping bags for some of the first set, hence the upside down pig in some of the photos. Other than this the first set went off without a hitch and during the interval we were well looked after with more beer and food. We went back on at 8:30 and started the second set with Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand. The audience were a little more lubricated and a little less shy so we had many more people up and dancing.

We were all done by 9:30 and packed away by 10pm. We had lots of lovely feedback and our hosts seemed very pleased with the service. Another successful gig in the bag. We hope to play Christonbury again next year.


Toast played at my Glastonbury style party. Mark was prompt at replying to all queries and requests and was extremely accommodating.
The lads were really friendly on gig night and earnt every penny of their fee. They played all the songs I requested and gave the night a truly magical touch. My guests are now considering them for their own upcoming events. Great Sheffield covers band and at an affordable price too. Thanks Toast. XX ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Check out our 5 star Google Reviews